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OurDomain offers 21st century urban living that allows residents to build a unique living experience.OurDomain facilitates social interaction by activating a community, offering events and signature socials, online platforms connect with your neighbours, while also attaining to the need of intimacy.

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OurDomain offers 21st century urban living that allows residents to build a unique living experience.OurDomain facilitates social interaction by activating a community, offering events and signature socials, online platforms connect with your neighbours, while also attaining to the need of intimacy.
1) How does your project enhance tenant / brand experience?
OurDomain aims to achieve a unique living concept that goes beyond bricks and the signing of a leasing agreement: we offer a place where tenants can create their own living experience, benefitting from a wide range of facilities and services. We value and thrive on our residents individuality - it doesn’t matter where they come from, whether they are career-driven or studying, whether they enjoy sharing apartment or are looking to start a family - this is the place where they can be who they want to be and call it home, by simply choosing how to live their day. When entering any of the buildings the captivating interior design communicates the spirit of the asset itself. We host people from various backgrounds and this makes up a strong and vibrant community, which is encouraged to grow by the use of our common spaces, and participation in weekly events. The brand embraces sustainability by promoting a sharing culture and fostering sustainable construction. The initiative we run enhance tenants & brand experience by offering multiple spaces and activities, both online and offline to allow them to connect and we encourage them to have mental health at the top of mind. In these uncertain times, a word that embodies our values and stands out is: Connection. We encourage our residents to connect with us, with their neighbours, with the city centre, and with the community in the surrounding area. When connections are strong, your support networks grow and life is made easier.
2) How are you using your marketing campaigns to interact and engage with your community (either B2C and / or B2B)?
We aim to offer a 360 experience to our residents. We do this by reaching out to our community via multiple touchpoints - social media (both organic and private resident facebook groups), our website, resident portal and also the shared spaces within the building itself. As soon as the pandemic began to spread, we identified the need to use our campaign to interact and engage with our residents in a new way. We knew that we needed to provide them with sense of community and a support network even more so than ever. The #AllYouNeedIsHome campaign was created to embrace positivity and defeat loneliness. We wanted to open the world up at a point when it was closing down and so via social media, email and print collateral, we helped bring the world to their doorstep with museum tours, cookery classes, weekly online events and more. This enabled residents to break down the walls of their apartment without actually needing to leave and is still active today. The current crisis is requiring great resilience from all of us, but we are aware that many of our residents are living away from their home country. With this in mind, we are trying to go above and beyond, actively asking residents to participate and engage with suggestions. We encourage them to share peer-to-peer content and even livestream pub quizzes and fitness classes together – neighbour to neighbour. It is amazing to see how engaged they are in the community – it helps us stay positive for the future.
3) How does your business / brand / project foster long term impact within coliving?
The OurDomain buildings are an integral part of the city, enhancing the area alongside a number of commercial facilities. Supermarkets, gyms, dance schools, restaurants & bars are available for all to use and support our efforts towards building community bonds and aid ease of living. Furthermore, it contributes to community safety thanks to 24/7 cameras & onsite security. OurDomain promotes a concept that is designed for individual living, together. They look for a space in which to create genuine bonds, build networks and feel part of a community, whilst retaining individualism and an element of privacy when desired. OurDomain fosters a long term impact within coliving by helping residents gain new skills, make new friends, build their network in a space designed to encourage sharing and connection on our residents’ terms. The weekly events explore a number of topics so there is something for everyone. Residents can decide whether they’d like to attend or not, we’re here if they want or need us and are non-intrusive when they don’t. We are led and encouraged by our residents as they really are part of the brand journey. We put our customers first, understanding their needs and are here for them every step of the way - whether that’s moving from one asset to the other based on their life stage, or just wanting to stay put, being actively part of their community. We want to support and encourage them as needed and provide a service that suits their ever-changing lifestyle.
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