Understand all the in and outs of Coliving Awards through the frequently asked questions below.

How to apply? 

Applications for Coliving Awards 2024 will open earlier this year, already mid-April. If you wish to prepare for the next edition, our jury will need a comprehensive presentation of your work/project in English. We will collect the submission via our website, please make sure you have a vector logo of your brand, high resolution photos and/or other visuals ready prior to submission opening. More information coming soon!

How many editions of Coliving Awards are there? 

Coliving Awards had its first edition in 2021, with the final ceremony on May 6th, 2021 in Paris (France). In 2022 we organised the second edition of Coliving Awards, with its final ceremony in June 2022 in Katowice (Poland). Coliving Awards 2023 took place last September 22nd in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as official part of the inaugural Coliving Conference programme. We are excited to announce that Coliving Awards 2024 is taking place next September 25th, once again as part of the Coliving Conference programme in a very special setting. Stay tuned for more information!

I would like to start my application. How can I start preparing my submissions?

The first application tier will launch mid April (more information on exact date coming soon), until then you can start preparing your submission. Our jury will need a comprehensive presentation of your work/project in English. We will collect the submission via our website, please make sure you have a vector logo of your brand, high resolution photos and/or other visuals ready prior to submission opening. You can review all the criteria, download the Application Guidelines (which will be available soon) and start preparing the presentation using the provided presentation template (available soon), all of those you can find on the Categories page. If you have some questions before then, our team is here to support you. The final deadline for submitting will be end of June 2024.

When is the deadline?

The call for entries for the Coliving Awards 2024 starts from 15th April 2024. The deadline for final submissions is 17th June 2024. Within that time there are three submission tiers with different deadlines and fees: Early Bird - deadline: 1st May 2024 11:59 AM CET, Normal Submissions - deadline: 27th of May 2024 11:59 AM CET and Late Submissions - deadline: 17th of Jun 2024 12:00 PM CET.

What is the evaluation criteria?

The criteria are defined individually for each Award category. You can find the criteria that apply to your category on the Categories page. Make sure that your application contains all the necessary deliverables for your category. The specific deliverables can be found also in the Categories page.

What does the evaluation and voting process look like?

Submitted projects are evaluated in three phases: Eligibility (1), Evaluation by a Lead Judge (2) and Jury Panel & Public Voting (3).

During phase one (Eligibility) of our selection process, all applications are carefully reviewed by our internal team to ensure that they meet our criteria. At this stage, our team does not assign any scores or make judgments about the applications. Instead, we focus on verifying that each applicant has met the specific set of criteria that we require. Once our team has determined that an application meets the eligibility requirements, it moves on to phase two.

In phase two (Evaluation by a Lead Judge), our lead judge evaluates all eligible presentations within their respective categories. The lead judge assesses each application according to our criteria checklist and the required answers to the respective questions. Based on this evaluation, the lead judge assigns a score to each application. The top four highest-scoring applications are selected as finalists, and there may also be one or more honourable mentions.

The wider jury panel also evaluates the applications during phase two, using the same criteria and questions as the lead judge. The panel is responsible for nominating the winners of each category, along with input from the public vote and scores from each jury member. The public vote takes place on LinkedIn, giving our followers and wider community the chance to have their say, this is phase three (Jury Panel & Public Voting).

To calculate the final result, the lead judge's ruling carries a weight of 35%, while the audience LinkedIn voting carries a weight of 35%. The remaining 30% of the ruling is based on the industry relevance stance taken by the jury panel.

The winners will be exposed and awarded during the Coliving Awards ceremony.

Is there any restriction to participate in the Coliving Awards?

According to the public vote and thanks to a very strict evaluation procedure, we allow all Coliving Awards collaborators, including founding partners, partners and sponsors to submit their project to Coliving Awards. The judging process was designed in a way to provide the highest level of transparency, with a three stage ruling from the category lead judge, jury panel and public vote.

In this edition, Coliving Awards 2023:

- Our Venture Manager, Coliving Ventures, will not be applying to the Coliving Awards.

- Our Founding Partner, Spatial Experience will not be applying to the Coliving Awards.

- Our sister company and main Media Partner, Coliving Insights, will also not be applying to the awards.

- Our Sponsors will not be applying to the awards. In the case of any submissions that were done in collaboration with a company and/or the product of a Lead Judge is associated with, the Jury Panel will make the final decision on nomination eligibility.

- Our Media Partners, Event Partners and other organisations in our wider ecosystem will be allowed to participate in the Coliving Awards.

What is the evaluation procedure for projects submitted by founding partners, partners and sponsors?

The evaluation procedure for projects submitted by Coliving Awards founding partners and sponsors is the same as for any other submitted project. The exception is for the project submitted by a person / company, whose representative is the Lead Judge of the category applying for. Then the nomination of the project must be validated by the Jury Panel.

What is the final award? What can I win?

By participating in Coliving Awards, you have a chance to establish yourself as an acknowledged innovator and contributor to the growth and evolution of the colving sector. The winner will be announced during the final ceremony and will receive a unique Coliving Award prize with a Certificate of Authenticity. The award package goes beyond the prize itself. The winning projects will be featured on the industry leading media platform Coliving Insights. More information about the award package will follow soon. Stay updated by following the information on the website and our Linkedin page.

Who are the winners of previous editions?

You can find the winners for the 2021 Coliving Awards here.

You can find the winners for the 2022 Coliving Awards here.

You can read about the 2023 Coliving Awards winner here.

Can I still become a sponsor and/or partner?

Sponsoring and/or partnering up with the Coliving Awards brings your company closer to decision makers, business leaders and dynamic corporate partners who value innovative thinking and commitment to the coliving industry. We offer a wide range of sponsorship levels to maximise your company's visibility. To learn more, get in touch with us.

What are the Coliving Awards?

Coliving Awards are a ceremony to honour and give visibility to the most thought-provoking and innovative approaches in the coliving sector. With our awards ceremony, we are focusing on defining coliving as an institutionalised, scalable and thriving real estate model. Read more on Coliving Awards history here.

Who made the Coliving Awards?

Coliving Awards is a portfolio venture managed by Coliving Ventures. Appointed Managing Director Bart Sasim and Coliving Awards Programme Lead Aitana de Jong bring year after year this awards closer to a global audience of shared living entrepreneurs.

Can I submit multiple applications?

Yes, it is also possible to participate in more than one category or submit multiple projects for the same category. If you would like to do so, please get in touch with us. 

The Coliving Awards Applicant Portal allows you to submit multiple projects, however please note that by signing up to the Applicant Portal you are only purchasing your first project submission. To purchase multiple submissions you can click the multiple submission tab on the Applicant Portal. Any further submissions during every stage will be charged separately: 99 euro (ex. VAT) - if submitted at Early Bird, 149 euro (ex. VAT) - if submitted at Normal Application - or 199 euro (ex. VAT) - if submitted at Late Application.  Please notify us as soon as you have submitted multiple projects. Only after successful payment will the additional submissions be taken into further evaluation.

The submission date refers to the date of submitting your project to the portal, not registering to the portal. Remember to submit your project before the end of the tier to make sure it is accepted.

Can I re-submit my application?

Yes, it is possible to resubmit your project. The resubmission of the project is considered as a new submission and therefore additional charges may apply. Please contact us if you would like to resubmit your project.

Can I save the progress of my application?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Make sure that, before clicking the ‘submit’ button, your application includes all the necessary information and deliverables to meet the criteria for the project category.

Who receives the prize if the winning project is the result of a collaboration between more than one company?

The communication processes regarding the project will ensure that all participating companies are included in an inclusive manner, and the announcement of the results at the Coliving Awards Ceremony and other forms of Coliving Awards' official communication channels, will acknowledge the contributions of all companies involved in the awarded projects.

By default, the winning project will be presented with one physical award and one certificate. However, if the winning party wishes to receive additional physical awards or certificates, they may make a request at an extra cost.

Get in touch to receive more information about this topic.

Are there any applicable discounts available?

Only for enrolled students or PhDs we offer a 50% discount on the participation at the Academia & PhDs Category. To get your discount code please reach out to us via email before purchasing your access to the applicant portal.

If you have any questions please let us know.
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