Understand all the in and outs of Coliving Awards through the frequently asked questions below.

What are the Coliving Awards?

Coliving Awards is a ceremony to honour and give visibility to the most thought-provoking and innovative approaches in the coliving sector. With our awards ceremony, we are focusing on defining coliving as an institutionalised, scalable and thriving real estate model. Read more on Coliving Awards history here.

How many editions of Coliving Awards are there?

Coliving Awards had its first edition in 2021, with the final ceremony on May 6th, 2021. In 2022 we are organising the second edition of Coliving Awards, with its final ceremony in June 2022, date yet to be defined.

Can I still become a sponsor and/or partner?

Sponsoring and/or partnering up with the Coliving Awards exposes your organisation to decision makers, business leaders and dynamic corporate partners who value innovative thinking and commitment to the coliving industry. We offer a wide range of sponsorship levels to maximise your company's visibility. To learn more, get in touch with us.

How can I apply?

The applications to Coliving Awards have opened on February 1st. In order to submit your project you need to sign up to our application portal. After signing up you will be able to submit your project through the application system - My Portal. For each application you need to pay the application fee: 99 euro - if submitted from 01/02/2022 to 15/02/2022 (Early Bird Application) - or 149 euro - if submitted from 15/02/2022 to 21/03/2022 (Normal Application) - or 199 - if submitted from 21/03/2022 to 20/04/2022 (Late Application).

When is the deadline?

The call for entries for the Coliving Awards 2022 starts from 1 February 2022. The deadline for final submissions is 2 May 2022. Within that time there are three submission tiers with different deadlines and fees:

  • Early Bird - deadline: 15th February 2022 11:59 AM CE(S)T
  • Normal Submissions - deadline: 21st of March 2022 11:59 AM CE(S)T
  • Late Submissions - deadline: 2nd of May 2022 12:00 PM CE(S)T

The deadline refers to the date of submitting your project to the portal, not registering to the portal. Remember to submit your project before the end of the tier to make sure it is accepted.

Can I submit multiple applications?

Yes, it is also possible to participate in more than one category or submit multiple projects for the same category. If you would like to do so, please get in touch with us. 

My Portal allows you to submit multiple projects, however please note that only the first project will be taken into consideration. Any further submissions during every stage will be charged separately: 99 euro (ex. VAT) - if submitted from 01/02/2022 to 15/02/2022 - or 149 euro (ex. VAT) - if submitted from 15/02/2022 to 21/03/2021 - or 199 euro (ex. VAT) - if submitted from 21/03/2022 to 20/04/2022.  Please notify us as soon as you have submitted multiple projects. Only after successful payment will the additional submissions be taken into further evaluation. The submission date refers to the date of submitting your project to the portal, not registering to the portal. Remember to submit your project before the end of the tier to make sure it is accepted.

Can I re-submit my application?

Yes, it is possible to resubmit your project. The resubmission of the project is considered as a new submission and therefore additional charges may apply. Please contact us if you would like to resubmit your project.

Can I save the progress of my application?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Make sure that, before clicking the ‘submit’ button, your application includes all the necessary information and deliverables to meet the criteria for the project category.

What is the evaluation criteria?

The criteria are defined individually for each category. You can find the criteria that apply to your category on the Categories page and in the relevant application guide on that page. Make sure that your application contains all the necessary deliverables for your category. The specific deliverables can also be found in the Categories page.

What does the voting process look like?

Submitted projects are evaluated in three phases: (1) Eligibility, (2) Evaluation by a Lead Judge and (3) Jury Panel & Public Voting. In phase one, all applications will be reviewed by our internal team to make sure that all criteria are being met. During the eligibility phase our team will not judge or give a specific score to your application. We will simply make sure that the specific set of criteria are well represented in the deliverables from each applicant. 

After our team reviews the applications for eligibility, our lead judge will evaluate all eligible presentations from his / her own category for phase two. According to the criteria checklist and required answers to respective questions, our lead judge will give a score for each application, which will result in the selection of maximum 4 finalists and 1 or more honourable mentions. 

Further evaluation by the whole jury panel will also be based on the set criteria and respective questions, and our wider jury panel will be responsible for nominating the winners of each category, alongside the public vote and the previous scores from each jury member. The public vote will be processed on LinkedIn, giving the voice to our followers and wider community. 

The final result is calculated as follows: the lead judge has 35% ruling, followed by 35% ruling from audience LinkedIn voting and 30% ruling from industry relevance stance by the jury panel. The winners will be exposed and awarded during the Coliving Awards ceremony.

When will I know if my project has been nominated?

Nominations will be announced in May 2022. Follow our LinkedIn page and subscribe to our newsletter for more information.

My project was nominated. What happens now?

First, invite everyone to vote on your project in the LinkedIn poll. The polls will be live from the 25th of May and will be closed on the 8th of June. All nominees will receive a notification from the Coliving Awards team about how to attend the Coliving Awards ceremony and further steps.

What happens if my project was not nominated?

Although in an ideal world we would be able to honour and award each of the innovative, creative and outstanding projects we received, we need to stand by the rules of the competition. After careful deliberation of our lead judges, a selected number of projects are nominated, and therefore considered finalists of the Coliving Awards. If your project is not among the nominated projects this year you will also get notified via email.

We want to thank everyone for the enthusiasm and dedication to submit the applications. You are all welcome to participate next year as well. Join the ceremony to discover the winner of each of the 15 categories.

Where and how will the Coliving Awards ceremony event take place?

The ceremony will be hosted in June 2022. More information will be available later this year.

Where can I buy the tickets to the Coliving Awards?

More information will follow soon. Keep an eye on our newsletter, LinkedIn and Instagram to receive news and updates.

What is the final award? What can I win?

By participating in Coliving Awards, you have a chance to establish yourself as an acknowledged innovator and contributor to the growth and evolution of the colving sector. The winner will be announced during the final ceremony and will receive a unique Coliving Award prize with a Certificate of Authenticity. The winning projects will be featured in a Special Edition of Coliving Insights, Stay updated by following the information on the website and our LinkedIn page.

Who receives the prize if the winning project is the result of a collaboration between more than one company?

All communication processes will be inclusive of all companies involved in the project and the special edition of Coliving Insights will also mention all companies that participated in the winning project.

By default winning projects will receive one statue / physical award and one certificate. If it is desired to receive multiple physical awards or certificates, the winning party can request so upon additional costs. Get in touch to receive more information about this topic.

Who are the winners of the 2021 Edition?

You can find the winners for the 2021 Coliving Awards here.

If you have any questions please let us know.
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