Coliving Awards is a ceremony to honor and give visibility to the most thought-provoking and innovative approaches in the coliving sector.
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Why Coliving Awards?

The coliving industry is evolving and its progress needs to be celebrated

As the coliving industry is evolving and consolidating, Coliving Awards aims to foster innovation in the sector. In partnership with key organisations, we celebrate and highlight the pioneering aspect in coliving. We aim to give visibility to the brightest minds and inspire the next generation of real estate market players by identifying disruptive solutions and state-of-the-art concepts.
With our awards ceremony, we are focusing on defining coliving as an institutionalised, scalable and thriving real estate model. Leading and ambitious organisations are competing within different verticals such as sustainability, architecture, community management and design. By being awarded, they do not only gain a well deserved recognition but they contribute to the growth and consolidation of the coliving industry, a niche real estate asset class that has the potential to truly transform the future of living.

Initiators and catalysts behind Coliving Awards

Aitana de Jong

Awards Programme Lead
Coliving Awards

Bart Sasim

Managing Director
coliving Awards
Story Behind

About Coliving Awards and its early beginnings

It all started with an idea, a spark that turned into a project, subsequently turning into a venture manager platform: Coliving Ventures.
The platform finally allowed us to allocate all of our ideas and materialise them into different initiatives, while inspiring a new generation of real estate market players to reach their potential. From research & development projects to discovery and promotion of the most innovative organisations, each of our initiatives has its unique mission. Our journey kicked off with Coliving Insights, a key pillar in the distribution of knowledge among industry stakeholders. Throughout 2020, the second pillar was developed and put into motion: Coliving Awards.
Together with our founding partner Spatial Experience, we brought to life the first awards ceremony dedicated to coliving and all things that promise to enhance its potential. We have been able to connect with the most incredible minds - thought-leaders within different disciplines that are joining us in the mission of making coliving a more inclusive, diverse and stable way of living, driving impact with sustainable concepts and encouraging a community-driven lifestyle. And while doing so, define, institutionalise and corroborate that coliving is a viable and scalable asset class, capable of solving the housing challenges of the 21st century.
“Coliving Awards is the first award ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry.”
Coliving Awards aims at establishing a quality standard in the sector, to become a reference to numerous entrepreneurs and professionals trying to bring innovation to coliving, while also granting recognition by rewarding outstanding talent and organisations in the field.