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Discover Coliving Awards' Event Sponsor: SALTO Systems

Delivering state-of-the-art wireless and keyless electronic access control systems since 2001, SALTO Systems has established a strong presence in the access control industry, developing innovative and reliable electronic locking solutions to improve user experiences, operations, security and enhance facility efficiency, whilst minimizing maintenance costs.

SALTO goes above and beyond, focusing on solutions that meet customer needs in the sharing economy, with a customer base in Coliving, PropTech, Serviced Apartments and PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation). Whether a building has 1/ 20 doors or 1000, a new building or a retrofit, SALTO has a solution. From small coliving spaces to large industry leaders and global enterprises, SALTO works with businesses of all sizes.

SALTO technology has been developed not only to  provide access control management, but to enable a Tech ecosystem with meaningful interactions for residents. 

Contact SALTO if you’re looking to connect the dots and enhance your customer lifestyle, improve ROI analytics and provide seamless access control.



About the partnership with SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems is always working on next level technology. Within our portfolio, we consult with our clients to find the right infrastructure to engage with their customers in the best way. This is what we're passionate about; we’d like to share, connect and think with a wider ecosystem to energise others.

SALTO Systems thanks the Coliving Insights team for a great experience as tech Think tank contributors over the last year. It was a no brainer for us to join this opportunity and open the door for a series of Coliving Awards.

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Christian Schmitz

Global Lead Share Living & Work Space