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A-001 Taller de Arquitectura Coliving Interlomas

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A-001 Taller de Arquitectura
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A-001 Taller de Arquitectura Coliving Interlomas
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Coliving Interlomas is a student oriented residential project on the Estado de México, which aims bringing together life and studying as part of a community. The architectural shape is born from a volumetric experimentation and the challenge to create private and shared areas.

Efficient construction and development phases and successful opening(s): your building is already in operations and you can prove occupancy, or your design is currently under construction and will be opening in 2022.

It wasn't able to be delivered on schedule because of the COVID19 pandemic building restrictions that where implemented as part of the sanitary strategies of Mexico City and its conurbated area. There was a delay of approximately 8 months to the building completing.

Also, it wasn't delivered within budget due to an over cost of the technology applied to the operability of the building which was not contemplated in a full range scope: i.e., intelligent locks, internet, voice and data.

Use of innovative/sustainable materials: building materials consider leading sustainability certifications and use state of the art sustainability technologies / materials.

The materials had to be very low maintenance and extremely resistant because of students lifestyle, the damage they can suffer due to wear and tear is large.

Concrete was mainly used and was given a special casting process to make it fluted which increased its thermal capacity by creating shadow casts and an air layer between the grooves. Every concrete wall is different from each other due to the imperfection of the technique, which gives it a unique living experience and create a rich mix of textures and stony hues.

Two large planters where included in the design of the roof top as part of the thermal response of the building, to avoid the direct contact and seep through of the solar incidence. The landscape design was thought as a green productive system, with vegetation such as: passionflower, lime, lemon and guaba. This means to put forward a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond aesthetic function. Anyone can eat the apples or oranges that have been planted and harvested on site. Other materials used on the project were epoxy resins with added color and terrazzo. All windows are insulated to ensure thermic and acoustic response of the space.

Building includes property and construction technology integrations: the building uses technology to enhance operations and sustainability.

The entire building has passive thermal insulation systems but one of the main elements that gives it thermal warmth and singularity, is the prominent use of fluted concrete which had to be designed as part of the process.

The grooves generate layers of air that have two effects: they generate shade, so that on hot days the sun does not reach the building directly and they create an air layer between one and the other, which blocks the external temperature transmission to the inside.

An innovative security system of intelligent locks was implemented in the doors, which do not require any type of wiring and have fully networked control, providing protection, comfort and a sophisticated look to the coliving.

Fosters wellbeing and community: the building design incorporates elements of biophilia, wellbeing design and social interaction techniques.

Coliving Interlomas rescues the principle of building public space and takes it to a micro scale through recreational, private, contemplative and rest areas; it delivers dignified and sustainable dimensions which are the result of an extensive analysis on space usage and day-to-day objects, with a future projection on the new form of achieving habitability.

The project reinterprets the traditional dichotomy of the courtyard house by creating internal patios for each community space, giving them a dignified vitality through natural lighting, ventilation and vegetation.


Most of the foreign students that live in Coliving Interlomas, say they had never seen or lived a place with this spatial quality, designed to satisfy all their needs and activities. The quality of the design creates a better place and a great atmosphere for living in community.

With the project, the owner was able to rise his income per private square meter from $89.00 MXN to $895.00 MXN more than 10X times what he would profit out of a single house rental.

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