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Discover Coliving Awards' Technology Partner: Digital Estate

Digital Estate is a platform that supports specialist real estate in embracing digital transformation and keeping up to date with tech innovation. Digital Estate makes the path clear for real estate developers and operators to thrive by curating, designing and integrating digital solutions. Backed by a decade of expertise in the specialist real estate sector, Digital Estate possesses an in-depth understanding of the industry, its pain points and how to solve them.

About the partnership with Digital Estate

As our main Technology Partner, Digital Estate created our website portal and integrated the most appropriate digital solutions to automate processes.

Through the creation of a gated membership portal, Digital Estate enabled Coliving Awards to offer a multi-level login system. Thanks to these different membership layers, the Jury Panel was able to have a full overview of the different projects submitted and cast their votes, whereas Applicants login only permitted the submission of said-projects, which provided a seamless and effortless user-experience for all Coliving Awards contributors.

Digital Estate ideated, designed and developed the portal to automatically collect applicant submissions, supporting materials, payments as well as the jury panel’s votes, providing an automatic evaluation framework which limited to the minimum manual work and human error. Digital Estate’s tailor-made portal elevated the digital experience of Coliving Awards, and made easier, for the organisation, the collection of the projects and votes.

Head over to the Digital Estate website to learn more about digital transformation solutions for specialist real estate

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