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Spatial Experience

Discover Coliving Awards' Founding Partner: Spatial Experience

Spatial Experience (SPX) is an innovation hub working at the intersection of design, technology and research to shape the future of living. Through a 360 approach, SPX drives impact in specialist real estate by the work of its three pillars: SPX Agency, that provides creative solutions such as Design, Branding & Marketing, to support real estate brands; SPX Lab, a Research & Development platform to explore future development; and SPX Studio, a Startup Studio bridging the digital and real world through scalable solutions.

About the partnership with Spatial Experience

As a founding and creative partner of the Coliving Awards, Spatial Experience seeks to contribute to the consolidation of coliving as an established asset class. Having worked within student housing / PBSA and shared living for over a decade, the innovation hub is focused on working towards the growth of specialist real estate asset sectors that are shaping the future of living, such as coliving.

As founding partner, Spatial Experience has incubated the Coliving Awards since its beginning, providing a platform to carry out the future developments of the venture, in collaboration with its co-founders (Aitana de Jong, Bart Sasim and Matt Lesniak). To materialise the concept of an award ceremony dedicated exclusively to coliving, SPX made use of its strategic network, having brought in valuable partners and sponsors to help realise this innovative initiative. Furthermore, SPX has created and executed Coliving Award’s entire brand strategy, including a complete brand system and the web design for its portal.

Head over to the Spatial Experience website to learn more about their ecosystem and Startup studio.

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