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All Things Urban

Coliving Awards Media Partnership with All Things Urban 

For the Coliving Awards 2022, we are collaborating with All Things Urban as Media Partners! 

All Things Urban is the largest community-based career platform for urbanists working on city challenges worldwide. The All Things Urban platform shares handpicked career and educational opportunities in areas of urban planning, studies and design and connects thousands of passionate urban professionals to real-world projects.

All Things Urban makes it easier for talents to find interesting jobs, exciting projects, and like-minded people and for hiring companies – to access an active community of potential employees, consultants, and collaborators.

Why has All Things Urban has partnered with Coliving Awards 

CEO and Co-Founder of All Things Urban, Anastasia Sukhoroslova, shared that All Things Urban is partnering with Coliving Awards for our 2022 edition because: 

All Things Urban is glad to support Coliving Awards and encourage the coliving industry leaders to showcase their best solutions to help like-minded people live, work and shape the future of our cities together.

Our partnership helps position one another in front of our specialist ecosystems and help the coliving, urbanism and other innovative residential housing sectors evolve and thrive.

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More collaborations to come 

We are welcoming All Things Urban into the Coliving Awards community, and are looking forward to more announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out to us directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration!