Coliving Awards Industry Partnership with Co-Liv

For this year’s Coliving Awards, we are partnering with Co-Liv

Co-Liv is a non-profit, think-tank and do-tank whose mission is to empower coliving actors, grow the shared living movement and bring innovation to the industry to make coliving life-enhancing for many.

Co-Liv has recently released the Art of Coliving , which is a publication on how to create life-enhancing coliving spaces at scale, with interviews from 200+ coliving organizations. You can order it here.

Co-Liv Summit

We would also like to announce The 4th Annual Co-Liv Summit, a one day event gathering global leading coliving professionals with the intention to set a mark in the coliving industry.

This year’s edition will be a hybrid format, held in Bansko, Bulgaria in true coliving spirit: interactive, welcoming and connective. 

The ‘22 Summit will tackle best practices in operations (Rise), where the coliving industry is at (Radar), and how to overcome major roadblocks through innovation (Resistance).

Join this virtual industry event to understand the depth of the coliving industry, exchange with its leading actors and stay up to date with the leading innovations.

Why Co-Liv has partnered with Coliving Awards

COO of Co-Liv, Kristen Zupancic, shared that Co-Liv is partnering with Coliving Awards for our 2022 edition because:

Both organizations are putting efforts in helping to grow and support the global coliving industry. It’s a complimentary combo: Co-Liv is educating the community on coliving frameworks and operational best practices for coliving professionals to flourish, while Coliving Awards is highlighting the stand out projects that exemplify the best of the best in the industry. We are proud to be working together to positively impact the future of coliving, set new industry standards and embrace industry collaboration.

Our partnership helps consolidate the shared living sector and bring innovation and impact to shared living businesses around the world.

Join the Co-Liv Summit

More collaborations to come 

We are welcoming Co-Liv into the Coliving Awards community, and are looking forward to more announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out to us directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration!