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Coliving Awards Announces New Event Partnership with Co-Liv

We are delighted to officially announce our Main Event Partners for this year: the global nonprofit and do-tank for the coliving sector, Co-Liv!

As close partners for us since the start of Coliving Ventures and Coliving Insights, we are very excited to host our first Coliving Awards ceremony during the Co-Liv Summit on May 6th! 


Co-Liv Summit 2021, Laying down the foundations for the future of coliving, will be held virtually on May 5th and 6th 2021. It will be hosted live from a studio in Paris called La Maison de la Conversation

The global community of coliving professionals will gather to exchange, learn and connect at the Co-Liv Summit. This virtual industry event will help participants understand the depth of the coliving industry, exchange with leading stakeholders and stay up to date with best-in-class innovations.

Why has Co-Liv partnered with Coliving Awards? 

Co-Liv will support us in promoting the Coliving Awards ceremony, its winners as well as the special edition Coliving Insights dedicated to the Coliving Awards. Co-Liv will also be hosting us during the Co-Liv Summit as one of the final sessions of the event on May 6th. 

We asked Gui Perdrix, Director of Co-Liv, what makes this partnership so special for them and he shared that: 

“At Co-Liv, our goal is to foster the coliving industry towards a truly transformative movement for all its stakeholders. Coliving Awards is all about bringing innovation and honoring the key actors of this industry. We’re delighted to share this journey together!”

Head over to their website here to learn more about their membership packages and in-depth resources. You can also register for the Co-Liv Summit in the link below: 

Join the Co-Liv Summit

More collaborations to come 

We are welcoming Co-Liv into the Coliving Awards community, and are looking forward to more partnership announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out to us directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration!