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Discover Coliving Awards' Strategic Partner: Coliving Ventures

Coliving Ventures is the world’s first venture dedicated to accelerating the growth and consolidation of coliving. Born from a collaboration between several coliving innovators and thought leaders, Coliving Ventures has developed into an ecosystem of initiatives that helps the coliving industry to flourish.

Through powerful and strategic partnerships with other key actors of the shared living sector, we build and co-manage ventures whose goal is to positively impact the coliving scene through research and development, awards ceremonies, and more.


About the partnership with Coliving Ventures

As Venture Manager and Strategic Partner, Coliving Ventures curated the Coliving Awards project. Coliving Ventures’ aim with Coliving Awards is to give visibility to the innovators of the coliving community and their achievements. This ceremony will be the occasion to highlight disruptive solutions, state-of-the-art concepts and outstanding professionals that are pushing coliving forward. 

Through Coliving Awards, Coliving Ventures aims to highlight how actors of the coliving industry are pushing the boundaries, fostering innovation and establishing coliving as a scalable and thriving specialist real estate sector.

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Bart Sasim

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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