Conscious Coliving

Coliving Awards Industry Partnership with Conscious Coliving

There is an urgent need to evolve towards a regenerative future where people are consciously connected to themselves, others and nature. This has led to a shared purpose amongst the coliving sector of facilitating impact-driven communities that thrive. 

Conscious Coliving supports impact-driven shared living businesses and communities to embed social, environmental and financial value through research-based content, education and consulting. 

As a collective of researchers, urbanists, international development experts and real estate professionals, they empower the people and businesses driving the global coliving movement through research, consultancy, training, frameworks, coaching and more. 

You can find out more about their services, content and research here.

Why Conscious Coliving has partnered with Coliving Awards 

Penny Clark, Co-Founder and Head of Research and Sustainability at Conscious Coliving (who is also the lead judge of Coliving Awards’ 2022 Impact & Sustainability category this year), shared with us that they are partnering with Coliving Awards because:

“Coliving is an inspiring and innovative sector, which is having positive impacts on residents, neighbourhoods, and local economies. It's so important to recognise what is being achieved, and The Coliving Awards does this in a creative and rigorous way. The founders of the Awards have a thorough understanding of the sector, and we are honoured to partner with them in shining a light on best practice in this innovative industry.”

Our partnership helps bring community, sustainability, wellbeing and impact to shared living businesses around the world.

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More collaborations to come 

We are welcoming Conscious Coliving into the Coliving Awards community, and are looking forward to more announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out to us directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration!