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Coliving Awards Media Partnership with Frame

For this year’s Coliving Awards ceremony, we are partnering with Frame, the global platform for all professional members and stakeholders in the interior-design industry! 

Frame is dedicated to exploring what's next in spatial design and is always on the lookout for what's happening on the cusp of innovation and creativity. They believe that better spaces lead to better lives, and if interiors help us to work, relax and live better, they will make us happier and healthier. 

By way of speaking with newcomers about their fresh visions to learning from seasoned experts and examining business insights that will shape future design practices, Frame aims to provide their community with a comprehensive perspective on spatial design at large.

Frame Awards

We strive to partner with aligned collaborators who are also pushing the boundaries of their own industries. That said, we’d like to present the Frame Awards, which has become a democratic and integral part of the global interior design community.

The Frame Awards identify and honour the world’s best interior and product projects, but also the people behind them. The work is judged by all industry stakeholders: interior designers, architects, retail brands, hospitality providers, cultural institutions, and educators. Products and projects run for Winner of the Month and Winner of the Year awards are evaluated by monthly rotating jury panels.

To ensure maximum jury inclusivity, all professional members of the global interior-design industry – regardless of nationality, race, gender, age or job role – are invited to apply for a chair. The evaluation process takes place online, showing the jury’s scores for each submitted project and product to offer full transparency. The Frame Awards 2022 submissions phase closes May 16th and winners will be announced October 13th 2022.

Why Frame has partnered with Coliving Awards

Director and Founder of Frame, Robert Thiemann, shared that Frame is partnering with Coliving Awards for our 2022 edition because:

Coliving is one of the most promising answers to combat the current housing and loneliness crises. It's an innovative sector where designers and developers alike reinvent existing housing models aiming at making residences more customizable, affordable and sustainable. As thought leader in spatial design, Frame increasingly delivers insights on coliving. Therefore we're looking forward to partnering with Coliving Awards, the leading platform dedicated to bolstering innovation in coliving.

Our partnership helps position one another in front of our specialist ecosystems and help both the coliving, spatial and product design and other innovative residential housing and design sectors evolve and thrive.

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More collaborations to come 

We are welcoming Frame into the Coliving Awards community, and are looking forward to more announcements to come. In the meanwhile, reach out to us directly to learn more about opportunities for collaboration!