December 21, 2020

Coliving Insights becomes Coliving Awards’ main media partner

As members of the Coliving Ventures ecosystem, Coliving Awards and Coliving Insights are collaborating up as media partners for the first Coliving Awards ceremony in Spring 2021! 

The Coliving Awards is a Coliving Ventures initiative, the venture manager behind Coliving Insights, a leading media platform and research lab dedicated to providing state-of-the-art content and innovative insights to the coliving sector. Coliving Ventures is the world's first venture dedicated to supporting the coliving sector scale and consolidate. We aim to push the boundaries of the coliving sector through insights, exclusive awards ceremonies, venture incubation and more.

With the launch of Coliving Awards we truly believe that the coliving sector will finally receive the attention it very much deserves. Countless entrepreneurs and professionals are trying to bring innovation to the scene, and we believe it is time to give them credibility for contributing to the evolution of this new housing paradigm.

As a first step in this media partnership, Coliving Awards was recently featured in the latest edition of Coliving Insights, ‘Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale’ as part of the official announcement for our first ceremony next year. Since the day of its creation, Coliving Insights has released four major publications, establishing itself as the leading think tank and research lab for the coliving sector. Having Coliving Insights by our side positions us strongly within their fast-growing audience and ecosystem of 4000+ readers, contributors, sponsors and partners.

Following the awards ceremony, Coliving Insights will showcase all finalists, winners and jurists in its Q2 2021 publication. Our aim is to not only celebrate the achievements of our jurists and award winners, but also to position them in front of our hyper-niche audience of coliving professionals. 

With this joint partnership both parties will cultivate the growth and consolidation of the coliving phenomenon, an alternative asset class that is truly reshaping the future of living.

Stay tuned! 

Coliving Awards and Coliving Insights are managed by Coliving Ventures, a platform dedicated to encouraging innovation, sustainable business development and impactful growth within the coliving industry.

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