February 17, 2021

Revealing the Coliving Insights x Coliving Awards Special Edition

We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering up with Coliving Insights to publish a special Coliving Awards edition following our upcoming awards ceremony. As our main media partner, Coliving Insights will be publishing a special edition to showcase the innovative applicants and winners of this year’s ceremony.

As one of the highlight publications of the year, this edition is a chance for all those involved in the Coliving Awards to get additional visibility and recognition in front of the fast-growing and hyper-niche audience of Coliving Insights. This edition will showcase our lead judges, jury panel, award winners and all the partners and sponsors who will contribute to the first ever awards ceremony dedicated to the coliving sector. 

We will dive deep into the winning projects, why they won and how the lead judges made their decision for each of the winning applications. These exclusive highlights aim to celebrate and showcase the winners of the Coliving Awards in front of our wider audience and ecosystem. 

As we work on evaluating all the applications (with many more expected in the next few weeks) the design team at Coliving Insights - led by Spatial Experience - has also been hard at work preparing this special edition. Coliving Insights recently announced the release of this edition for Q2 2021, sharing a fresh new cover for the edition! 

The aim of this cover is to illustrate this one-of-a-kind event and to convey the ideas of innovation, exclusivity and sophistication through a minimal and elegant concept.

"We pour a lot of thought and creativity into the design of our publications. The Coliving Awards are a moment of celebration within the industry, and the design of this edition has been crafted having that idea at heart. There is still quite some mystery around what projects, concepts, talents will be the announced winners this year. We are thrilled to create this special edition and bring to our joined audience an insightful publication fostering innovation within the coliving scene." - Aitana de Jong, Managing Partner at Coliving Ventures

If you are interested in becoming sponsors, media partners or applying for the Coliving Awards, feel free to submit a project or apply to sponsor / partner up!

Seize the chance to be featured in this exclusive edition of Coliving Insights, and be a part of the most prestigious publication within the coliving industry.  You can also sign up to our newsletter and follow us on our socials to stay up to date! 

Coliving Awards and Coliving Insights are managed by Coliving Ventures, a platform dedicated to encouraging innovation, sustainable business development and impactful growth within the coliving industry.

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